OCS has mastered the art of packing and crating from years of experience in carpentry, fabrication, design and fine arts.

We take pride in the functional design and beauty of packing and crating art work.   Creating custom methods of packing and crating for the individual needs of our clients, creates an intimate relationship between the artwork and the packers.

Our goal is to become an extension of our client’s team, with a unified purpose and build long-term relationships.

See the examples below for some of our packing and crating options.

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0D0A5600   0D0A5603

Folio Box 

0D0A5614   0D0A5618

Folio Box with Foam

slip case front   slip case open

Cardboard Slip Case

shadow box front   shadow box angle

Shadow Box

strong box angle   strong box open w lid

Strong Box




0D0A5569   0D0A5575

Travel Frame

0D0A5545   0D0A5549

Soft Crate


0D0A5516   0D0A5519

Simple Crate (One Way Crate)

0D0A5499   0D0A5500

Standard Crate (Two Way Crate)

exhibtion crate angle   exhibtion crate open

Exhibition Crate

0D0A5629   0D0A5637

Slat Crate