OCS is organized, efficient and easy to work with. They provide us with consistent, high-quality work.

Laura Martin Mills, Exhibition A

It’s a full service experience, where you deal directly with the same people constantly, who learn your needs to the T and anticipate what you could need.

Miriam Koplowitz, ESPACIO 1414

Excellent communication and professionalism on packing and crating.

Yuki Itaya, NANZUKA

After more than one bad experience with other companies we appreciated OSC’s personalized service and wide knowledge of the shipping industry and most importantly the speedy, professional, yet, relaxed and genuine manner of their communications…making us feel less like just another waybill number and more like a valued customer!

We would highly recommend OSC Art Services over other art handling companies for their personalized service, ease and speed of communications and their professional expertise.

Robert Walton, Robert Henry Contemporary

Professionalism, trust, promptness, always going the extra mile, impeccable service, excellent prices for the value, high skills and performance, high quality products, care and knowledge in handling art and lovely to work with the very friendly staff.

In my case, initially OCS came highly recommended and the location was perfect for my business. After the first business experience there was no need for further research

Irina Protopopescu, Slag Contemporary

OCS is professional, friendly, and good at what they do. They are also very communicative and timely, which is very important for a crater and shipper. When we work with OCS, we feel confident that our work is in good hands.

OCS is very attentive to the needs of each specific project. Because we work in sculpture, installation art, and public art, our needs vary widely from project to project. OCS takes the time to understand each undertaking before walking through options and providing a quote. They are located conveniently just down the hall from us and will often spend time in person looking at what we need to ship and advise on the best options for crating and transport.

Terri Chiao and Adam Frezza, Artists

They are simply the best in every aspect of crating packing and shipping… Seamlessly making beautiful crates and labeled folio boxes stenciled with your name, etc.

Michael Bevilacqua, Artist

OCS is helpful in every step of the process and communication with them. They understand that every project is unique and handles each one addressing the particulars of what is needed.

Extraordinary packing, crating, handling of my work. OCS is extremely thorough and organized. The quality of their work is exquisite, it is a true pleasure to watch them work and to see their work.

Laura Anderson Barbata, Artist

The service at OCS is so hands on and the attention to detail is exceptional.
They are adaptable and flexible in solving problems.

They have been indispensable in handling our packing, transportation, installation, crating and shipping needs over the years.

OCS is extraordinarily easy to communicate with and understands the issues at hand.

We have complete loyalty when working with OCS. We trust that they will accomplish what we need them to accomplish.

C.Michael Norton, Artist

OCS takes time to learn about the artworks, how they are made, the fragility and expectations of the client. They are committed to the projects and seeing things through with utmost quality from beginning to end of the process.

The team at OCS works closely with our team and have a commitment to their clients and work. Consistency in quality of crating, understanding of the work, and thoughtfulness of solving crating and shipping problems (damages) resolved by the OCS team working closely with our studio team.

Meghan Clohessy, Director at Daniel Arsham Studio