Weather you are obtaining a quote or ready to ship, here is a list of what you and your shipper will need to get things moving.

OCS Art Services can assist with the international documents (templates provided) and any questions related

  • Pick up Address
  • Destination Address
  • Details about both locations (ground floor, stairs, elevator, loading dock, lift-gate truck necessity)
  • Special Handling (packing / unpacking, installation / de-installation, crating / crate-removal)
  • Purpose for Shipping (Temporary Exhibition, Permanent Sale etc. . )
  • Customs Value
  • Commercial Invoice or Pro-Forma Invoice (showing shipper, consignee, commodity description and value)
  • Packing List (if there are more than 1 crates / packages)
  • Dates and Schedule
  • Labeling Crates / Packages (if OCS is not handling the export)
  • Condition Reports (if necessary)